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Information on 2018 City Revenue Ballot Measures
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CSFRA Program July 2018 Newsletter includes information on major program updates, allowed rent increases, and tenant hardship protections.
Stevens Creek Trail between El Camino Real and Yuba Drive will be closed through November 2018.
LGBTQ%26%2343; Needs and Assets Assessment
Review and Commnent: LGBTQ+ Needs and Assets Assessment: Preliminary Findings and Recommendations
The City of Mountain View announces the release of its 2017 Consumer Confidence Report, also known as the Water Quality Report.
The final report of the committee with recommendations to the FAA and San Jose International Airport has been published. Click news title to learn more »
Business License Fee Increase Due to State Law
Assembly Bill (AB) 1379 increased the State fee from $1 to $4, effective January 1. Please click the title of this news item to learn more and how to pay.
at Villa Street and Franklin. Click the news item to learn more.
The City of Mountain View (CMV) and the Visual Arts Committee (VAC) are launching a utility box beautification pilot program, Sidewalk Studio.
County Information on Immigration Enforcement
Get information about Countywide policies on immigration and know your rights